Bonuses and Perks simply for sharing products that are universally loved.

Our Life Rewards plan offers unlimited potential—to everyone. We've got some of the highest pay outs in the industry (up to 64 percent!), In addition to some of the most generous payouts in the industry, 4Life offers bonuses and incentives.

Distributors can earn monthly commissions, Rapid rewards, Infinity bonuses, Power Pool payments, and free dream vacations.

As a 4Life distributor, you enjoy excellent compensation as well as added bonuses as recognition for your achievements. We’re committed to rewarding your hard work.



3% Power Pool

The Power Pool represents three percent of 4Life’s monthly LP. That is 3% of the entire company's sales for that month paid out as additional bonuses.

Each time that three new distributors in your organization, whom you personally enrolled, purchase at least 100 LP for two consecutive months, you will be eligible to participate in the Power Pool. 

Two percent of the Power Pool will be paid to distributors on a pro rata basis based upon the new volume brought into their organization by the new distributors. This payment will be made on the tenth day of the month following the two-month period.


Great Escape Dream Vacations

The remaining one percent of the Power Pool will be used to provide select distributors, qualifying for the Power Pool, with “The Great Escape.”

Winners of The Great Escape will be selected through a random drawing held each month. These trips will occur on a monthly basis and each winner will receive a dream vacation for two, paid for by 4Life.

Distributors qualifying for the Power Pool will receive one drawing ticket for each new distributor brought into their organization with at least 100 LP and two drawing tickets for each new distributor brought into their organization with at least 400 LP.

An estimated 10 to 12 couples will win the free 5 day 4 nights vacation every month. Are you sitting down? 4Life even pays for your meals at the hotel.  Where is the next Great Escape?

Read how to qualify for a Great Escape vacation.



Platinum Pinnacle and Gold Getaway Vacations

In addition to being eligible for Great Escape dream vacations, new and existing distributors will be eligible for Gold and Platinum getaway vacations to exotic locations all over the world.

Extensive planning goes into each trip to ensure a world-class experience that elevates the 4Life opportunity and renews the hope and passion required for lifelong dream fulfillment. And 4Life even pays for your meals and gives you extra spending cash.


Read how to qualify for the Platinum Pinnacle and Gold Getaway dream vacations.


The 4Life President's Club

Top business builders qualify for entrance into the President's Club.

Members of the President’s Club have set the standard for significant growth within their organization, inspiring thousands of up-and-coming 4Life distributors to do the same.

4Life strives to acknowledge consistent effort and new levels of achievement with recognition and rewards . With every rank advancement, new opportunities emerge for distributors in terms of compensation, bonuses and recognition.



Read the qualifications and rewards for joining the President’s Club.


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