financial freedom and lifetime residual income
This truly is unlimited earning potential; sharing products that are universally loved.

Aren't you tired of working for someone else and wouldn't you like a lush second income padding your bank account?

Wouldn't you like to earn residual income that will let you retire on your own terms when you want?

Wouldn't you like to gain financial freedom as you put yourself, friends and family on a path to longevity and optimal health?

This web site gives you the opportunity to try life changing Transfer Factor products at a discount, but also shows how you can earn a fantastic first or second income..

Even if you are currently working full-time, 4Life gives you the opportunity to build multiple income streams and residual income that will last the rest of your life .

Everyone who tries Transfer Factor products love them and need them!

With new threats from drug resistant super bugs and new viruses like Zika and antibiotic resistant diseases like TB, gonorrhea and pneumonia everyone needs the protection of a stronger, powerful immune system. Independent lab tests have shown that 4Life Transfer Factor products can increase immune system effectiveness 437%.

It’s time to focus on a new future!

4Life offers a remarkable business opportunity with top-level support and valuable tools and free resources to help you grow a business that can provide residual income for decades to come.

Our team helps you grow your business every step of the way with marketing support from our websites and worldwide marketing efforts.

Right now we are marketing the opportunity mainly to the health care industry because of the dangerous threat of antibiotic resistant infection and disease. People working in health care need the extra protection and security of a powerful immune system that transfer factor products provide.

Another huge untapped market is baby boomers who need more retirement income. America has a retirement savings crisis and most people do not have nearly enough savings to retire.

But. more importantly, as people age the effectiveness of their immune system decreases. They need the added immune system boost transfer factor offers.

There is a retirement savings crisis. Baby boomers are reaching retirement age in record numbers and realize they haven't saved enough money to last to age 90.

We share all of our marketing efforts with members who sign up as members of our sales team. If you show a desire to work and earn a first or second income, we will do everything in our power to help you build your business and get to the top.

Use customer or distributor application forms to sign up as a customer or distributor. you can also contact us to ask questions about getting started. This is the perfect opportunity to achieve both optimal health and financial freedom.

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4Life's marketing is set up as a multi-level (MLM) marketing system.

Most MLM or network marketing companies operate by using satisfied customers as a sales force to advertise by word of mouth and sell their products to the consumer.

It is entirely possible to build a sales organization of thousands by recruiting as few as 4 or 5 people. And you receive a commission on every single person.

This is the perfect opportunity to build a substantial first or second income and a residual income that will enable a care free retirement.

With transfer factor, most sales are repeat business and satisfied customers spread the word for you.

Many people will join your organization as distributors just to receive product discounts and spread the word to their friends and family about these amazing cutting edge products.

Once you join 4Life, you receive your own web site customers can order products through. All sales are automatically registered under your distributor number. You receive commissions without raising a finger.

This is the perfect first or second income opportunity. The sky is the limit as to how far you want to take this opportunity

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I think the major difference the 4Life business opportunity has that other MLM companies don't is that the products are truly beneficial to everyone. This is especially true in today's world of antibiotic resistant infection and disease.

I use transfer factor everyday and have not felt this healthy and balanced in years.

I feel optimistic about my health for the first time in decades. This feeling of well being and optimal health is virtually universal among everyone who use transfer factor products. Virtually ever person who takes them, raves about transfer factor products.

Transfer factors are now being taken by hundreds of thousands of people in the USA and millions more worldwide strictly on word of mouth advertising.

After 3 years of studies and numerous clinical trials, Transfer Factor ™ is the first supplement in history to be approved for use in Russian Federation hospitals and clinics by the Russian equivalent of the FDA.

Many people have seen the symptoms of their auto immune conditions abate and recommend transfer factors to others who suffer from these same conditions caused by an unbalanced immune system.

All you need to do is have people try these remarkable products and more often than not they will be a repeat customer or join your sales team. That is exactly how I joined.

And best of all. You will have the peace of mind knowing that you are actually helping people as you achieve financial freedom.

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Proven Success and Health... You'll love the results

  • *  Pursue an unrivaled level of physical health and well being for yourself and your family.

  • *  Make a personally meaningful contribution by sharing 4Life with others.

  • *  Enjoy a portion of the entire company's earnings through the Power Pool.

  • *  Experience the good life on an all-expenses-paid Great Escapes trip.

  • *  Develop your leadership style with 4Life's unique The Leader In You academy.

  • *  Work with people on a daily basis whose values align closely with yours.


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The internet has made it possible to have an international business with global reach from the comfort of your home. It is a marketing tool that can reach anywhere in the world. The little box on your desk can make you money with no boss, no fixed schedule and without a high-interest loan to start a business.

Now is the time to think, what can you do today to change your life, your future? How can I prosper and financial freedom for my family during global economic uncertainty?.

To break out and realize financial freedom you only need 2 attributes; Desire, and Determination,

If you show us some desire and determination to follow through, we will give you an opportunity most people can only dream of.

We will help you build a global recession proof business that can give you residual income for the rest of your life.

We will share our worldwide marketing efforts with our team members to help you build a worldwide sales organization from the comfort of your home. 4Life is in over 50 countries around the world and you can build a sales force in any or all of them. The potential is enormous.


Compare the 4Life Opportunity to a traditional business start up !


4Life Opportunity


1- Small Start up costs

2- Constant support, advice, seminars and training.

3- Work from home or anywhere there is internet.

4- No need for employees or office rental .

5- Can open locations worldwide with no investment.

6- Branch offices are people like you and me.

7- Royalties from your entire Sales Organization.

8- Residual Income and Freedom.

Traditional Business


1- Huge Start up costs

2- No one teaches you the business or marketing to customers.

2- Work with loans and credit hanging over your head.

3- Need to rent a good location.

4- High Overhead and Employees Costs.

5- To open other branch locations you need money and people you trust.

6- When you are not working, nothing is gained.

7- No residual income.


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