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You Enroll in the 4Life rewards program by ordering your favorite 4Life products on automatic shipment ... It's that easy

This program rewards distributors and customers for their loyalty in ordering 4Life products every month.

All distributors participating in the Loyalty Program will automatically be designated a Leader 4Life and receive the immediate benefits of the Leader rank if they maintain the minimum requirement of 100 PV each month. As such, participants won't need to personally enroll four distributors who each maintain 100 PV to become eligible for rebates, Rapid Rewards, and to earn the three levels of Leader payout according to the Life Rewards Plan™.



4Life Loyalty Program

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4Life loyalty program

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*To advance (or maintain) your levels and keep your earned Product Credits, you must remain an active participant in the 4Life Loyalty Program by meeting the minimum requirements outlined in the Terms and Conditions.


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