The 4life Company

What is 4Life?

4Life Research was founded by David and Bianca Lisonbee in 1998. Within five years of operation, 4Life ranked as the 15th fastest-growing, privately-held company in the United States by Inc. 500 magazine.

Since then, 4Life, led by an executive team with more than 60 years of experience in network marketing, has experienced exponential growth—with more than 14 offices in more than 40 countries.

At 4Life, we believe in working together to help people enjoy healthy and rewarding lives. We want you to feel good about being involved with a company where you can experience personal success and help others succeed at the same time.

Recognized on the Global 100 list, 4Life has dedicated more than 17 years to researching and developing Certified 4Life Transfer Factor® products that provide valuable immune system support.*

Why Partner With 4Life?


4Life is a company with a solid past, present, and future. After more than a decade of success, 4Life shows no sign of slowing down. While many companies are downsizing and laying off, 4Life is breaking sales records and opening new countries and offices all over the world.

With 4Life, you’ll benefit from an experienced executive team. You’ll have decades of experience on your side. Our leaders know the direct selling industry—they’ve put years into developing products that are effective. They are committed to your continued success.

The 4Life Rewards Plan rewards the beginning, part-time, and professional business builder—all handsomely. Our compensation plan is one-of-a-kind and offers up to a 64 percent payout.

The "Life Rewards Plan"™ has it all! No matter what your objective, 4Life’s compensation plan can help you meet your goals.”


Become a Distributor


* Enjoy Wholesale prices on 4Life products.

* Resell products at retail profit.

* Choose the Fast Start enrollment track and receive up to 100 Product Credits then earn up to 30 Product Credits plus a bonus product of the month on Loyalty Program purchases.

*  Experience the benefits of Club 250 membership with an order of 250 LP or more.

*  Purchase product packs for additional discounts and benefits. ____________________________________

Become a Customer


*  Enjoy Wholesale prices on 4Life products.

*  Qualify to earn up to 30% in Product Credits plus a bonus product of the month on Loyalty Program purchases.

*  Purchase product packs for additional discounts and benefits. ____________________________________

Proven Success and Health... You'll love the results

  • *  Pursue an unrivaled level of physical health and well being for yourself and your family.

  • *  Make a personally meaningful contribution by sharing 4Life with others.

  • *  Enjoy a portion of the entire company's earnings through the Power Pool.

  • *  Experience the good life on an all-expenses-paid Great Escapes trip.

  • *  Develop your leadership style with 4Life's unique The Leader In You academy.

  • *  Work with people on a daily basis whose values align closely with yours.

Whether you’re looking for a little extra income or you want to own your own business and be financially independent, our Life Rewards Plan can help you achieve your goals. Get paid for sharing products you love, generate income 24/7 on your entire group's activity, build a business you can pass onto your family, and enrich the lives of others